This month has been tough. I guess I’m in a bit of a sales slump here at Warrenton Kia. The weather is ugly. I’m kind of looking for a break. A man comes in with an older Cadillac. It’s in pretty nice shape. He wants to trade it for a truck. He has a Harley Davidson motorcycle he wants to haul back to the east coast and he is looking for a truck. No money, just a straight trade. He goes on to tell me how he hasn’t gotten out of bed in a week. You see, his wife died of cancer and he just brought her body here from Pennsylvania to be buried with her family. In the past year, he lost his wife, his cat, his job, and pretty much everything he valued in life… except his Harley. He has no home and about $20 to his name. He has been told he might qualify for food stamps. They will let him know in a few days. He’s depressed but not suicidal. That’s what he told me.

I’ve been down before, as most of you know. I asked Lori to talk to him with me. She had some great ideas and some encouragement for him. Hopefully, he’s gone to the Astoria Rescue Mission by now for help. We sell cars for a living. We probably could have taken his car and sold him something, whatever, to move his bike. But we didn’t. Because sometimes we, as a species, as human beings, need to look out for each other. As much as I need to make a paycheck, I won’t take advantage of someone to pad my pocket. Neither will Lori. And now we’re sitting here watching the wind blow the rain against the windows. And I hope he’s going to be alright. 

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