Sara’s Eyes

My favorite picture of you.


Sara and I spent seven years trying to make it. I know how much we loved each other. I think in many ways we still do. But we ran out of gas,  our energies depleted by the pain and anguish we inflicted on each other. God, how we tried. But it seems as if we could never win each other’s trust. Our issues stemmed from different problems that we just didn’t get around. And so, I surrendered first. I gave up; we separated. But we still didn’t stop trying. Until now. Now we are surely done.

She asked me to write her a sonnet. That was years ago. I couldn’t grasp the concept. I’ve written a lot of songs, but they aren’t exactly poetry. However, today something gave. The mental block caved in and I came through. I wrote her a sonnet. A sonnet of love lost. What I couldn’t do before, I did today. Is it because I’m better at break-ups than love? I hope that isn’t so. It’s probably all of those country songs over the years. Anyway, here it is. An amateur cross between Harlan Howard and William Shakespeare.

I return now to my melancholy evening.

Sara’s Eyes 

(A Sonnet and a Promise Kept)

Her tear-filled eyes that flash so dark with pain

From secrets kept to hide my selfish shame

It seems my failure conquers love again

For constant love was all my heart did aim


I see the love those eyes once held for me

A smile so sweet and full of joy and peace

Is now a gift for someone else to see

A passion found anew from my release


I pray romance her heart is finding now

Will kindle flames of long-enduring love

New adoration makes its timely bow

From one who’s flown in like a white-winged dove


This future for her dimly fills my eyes

While tears of loss become my only prize.


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